Woodland Pioneers Week 2007
A definite musical atmosphere in the woods this year! Click a workshop to scroll down the page:
1 day workshop: Gate Hurdles with Owen Jones
1 day workshop: Charcoal Making with Rebecca Oaks
A Woodland Walk on Coppicing with Rebecca Oaks (as part of the charcoal course)
The woods used during Woodland Pioneers show clear examples of how they have been coppiced in the past. Rebecca also talked about general coppicing practices such as deer protection, canopy/sky ratios and tree species.
1 day workshop: Oak Stools with Twiggy, assisted by Ian Taylor
1 day workshop: Spoon Making with James Mitchell
2 day workshop: Advanced Polelathing with Maurice Pyle
2 day workshop: Musical Instruments with Edward Acland
Taster session: Willow Weaving with Stella Kenyon
Taster session: Besom Brooms with Brian Crawley
Thursday Night Singing with Bill Lloyd
The Woodland Pioneers Concert!