Woodland Pioneers Week 2013
A really good week during the amazing Indian summer of 2013!

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1 day workshop: Treen with Twiggy
Twiggy guided everyone through the making of spatulas, clothes pegs, gypsy flowers and more.

1 day workshop: Riven Oak Panels with Owen Jones
Owen showed how boiled lengths of split oak can be riven (split) into thinner and thinner pieces until they become very pliable when kept damp. Rectangular frames were then made in groups and the riven oak woven onto the frame to make a panel. This method of riving oak is also used by Owen during the process of making oak swill baskets.

1 day workshop: Coppicing with Sam Ansell
Photos coming soon...

1 day workshop: Stools with Lorna Singleton
Stick legs, stick rungs and rope seating. Very nice!

2 day workshop: Creel Making with Rebecca Oaks
This traditional basket can be made from hazel or willow. Very sturdy, they were often used as donkey paniers.

2 day workshop: Boardwalk with Sam Robinson
Sam Robinson showed students how to cleave huge logs to be riven and draw-knifed in palins. Other logs had their top face hewn level and adzed flat so the palins could be nailed on. Aided by the extremely uncapable Tony Tennis-elbow Morgan!

4 day workshop: Furniture with James Mitchell
As always, on James' courses, some amazing furniture was knocked up in the woods. Beautiful!

Friday workshops:
On Friday students could take part in a range of 2-hour workshops, one in the morning, the other in the afternoon. The choices were elm-bark weaving, rope-making, hazel hurdles, nut-crackers, pimps (fire-starters), spatulas and spoon whittling.

Around and About
Here are a few more photos of around and about the woods and hall. But beware of the strange faces that popped up in the tea-tent!