Woodland Pioneers Week 2008
Another succesful year in the woods! Click a workshop to scroll down the page:
1 day workshop: Gate Hurdles with Owen Jones
Sawing oak branchs to the right length for the rails and posts.
Shaving on the horse with a draw knife to make the tennons.
Notice the mortises being drilled (left) and how to hold the wood steady using a shave horse (centre) or a brake (right).
Notice the finished gate hurdle in the bottom-right of the picture.
1 day workshop: Charcoal Making with Rebecca Oaks
A burn in a barrel. Once the fire is blazing the wood needs to be packed into the barrels.
Sieving and bagging the charcoal. Notice the finings captured below the sieving machine (right picture).
1 day workshop: Pole Lathing with Paula Keary and Peter Wood
Roughing out round wood before mounting in the lathe.
Getting down to the round using a gouge.
Smoothing the wood with a flat chisel.
Adding fine details.
Shaping a bowl blank which will then be turned on the lathe.
1 day workshop: Spoon Making with James Mitchell
Shaping the spoon.
Shaping the bowl of the spoon with a hook knife.
Pony Snigging with Tom Lloyd
Attaching the chain to the log.
Pulling a log.
Swapping the ponies to give each a rest.
Gate and Fence with Ian Taylor and Twiggy
Hewing the recently snigged oak logs to make the gate posts.
Flattening each side with an adze.
Axing the softwood from the riven oak for the fence palins.
Smoothing the palins with a draw knife.
The finished palins.
Sinking the first gate post.
Both gateposts and the fence rails in place.
The Fence Fairies!
We met up again and finished the gate! Click here for more details...
Taster session: Willow Weaving with Stella Kenyon
Making Christmas bells.
Taster session: Rope Making with Walter Lloyd
Twining rope.
Taster session: Besom Brooms with Brian Crawley
A happy participant with a finished besom.